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Featured accessories

  • PMLN6050

    Wireless Solutions

    Operations Critical Wireless Push-To-Talk

    AUD$430.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMMN4025

    Audio Accessories

    IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone

    AUD$143.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • WPLN4256

    IMPRES Single Unit Charger

    (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMLN6123

    Ear Microphone Solutions

    IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit, Black

    AUD$388.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMMN4062

    Remote Speaker Microphones

    IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone

    AUD$132.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • RLN6490

    Audio Accessories

    XBT Operations Critical Wireless Behind-the-Neck Headset

    AUD$2597.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMLN7901


    Universal Carry Holder for APX 6000 and APX 8000

    AUD$40.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMLN7255

    Audio Accessories

    Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone C/w Dual Unit Charger

    AUD$713.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMPN4293


    IMPRES™ 2 Multi-Unit Charger with Display

    AUD$1269.00 (exc. GST) add to cart