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ASTRO® 25 (P25) Mobiles Accessories

Focus on your operation, not your network with Motorola Solutions' ASTRO 25 integrated voice and data network, a Project 25 standards based, mission critical seamless communication for public safety agencies and commercial businesses alike. Whether it’s mission critical or business critical, ASTRO allows seamless, reliable communication, for when the seconds count.

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All Accessories for ASTRO® 25 (P25) Mobiles

  • HLN9073

    Antennas, Audio and Voice Accessories

    Microphone Hang-up Clips

    AUD$9.50 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • RMN5050

    Antennas, Audio and Voice Accessories

    Desktop Microphone (Black)

    AUD$292.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • RMN5052

    Antennas, Audio and Voice Accessories

    Standard Compact Microphone

    AUD$119.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMLN6716

    Antennas, Audio and Voice Accessories

    Wireless RSM Vehicular Charger

    AUD$130.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • HSN4038

    Antennas, Audio and Voice Accessories

    7.5 Watt Loudspeaker, Water-Resistant

    AUD$105.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • HLN9716

    Antennas, Audio and Voice Accessories


    AUD$47.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • HKN4192

    Installation Accessories

    Mobile Power Cable, 20 FT, 12-volt

    AUD$59.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • 3075217A02

    Installation Accessories


    AUD$173.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • HLN6863

    Installation Accessories

    Mid-Power Rear Ignition Cable

    AUD$63.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMLN4958B

    Installation Accessories


    AUD$163.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • HKN6182

    Installation Accessories

    Keyload Adapter

    AUD$107.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • HKN4137

    Installation Accessories

    Mobile to Car Battery Installation Cable

    AUD$26.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • RMN5054


    IMPRES Visor Microphone

    AUD$75.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • RSN4002


    13W External Speaker

    AUD$99.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • RSN4003


    7.5W External Speaker

    AUD$75.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • HKN6184

    Replacement Items

    Programming Channel Cable, USB

    AUD$150.00 (exc. GST) add to cart

  • PMLN7124

    Bluetooth Accessories

    Dual Unit Charger, Rapid Rate 240V (ANZ plug)

    AUD$110.00 (exc. GST) add to cart